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Leadership and Legacy is more about who you pour into, not what you pour into. In other words who are you investing in, not what you are investing in. An object can't continue what you've started. But people can..
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Kennith Allen Thomas is an American Author, Speaker, and Leadership Development Coach, Helping Companies lead their teams to build a better quality of life and increase the culture and vision of the company at the same time.

Kenny is known for his heroic leadership efforts in helping his special needs son, Kristian (Who has Down Syndrome), defeat AMKL-leukemia in half the time projected by doctors in just 149 Days. Kennith hosts seminars and workshops while also speaking for organizations increasing their team mindset for better success personally and professionally showing them how to Lead through adversity.

With over 20 Years of Experience as a Choreographer in the entertainment industry, Kenny has excelled to a new level taking the principles of a leader in dance and choreography to help companies get the best out of their staff and drive more success to achieve their goals and milestones.

Overall, Kenny helps your audience look at life from a different perspective. Helping them understand how we can “Live Beyond Measure”


Communication,Professionalism,Quality.  Kenny is one of the best public speakers I have come across. His message is genuine and truly unique. He captures you from the first word to the last and at least, for me, changed the way I think about my personal success. His perspective is one of a kind and his toughness is felt through his personal stories. I look forward to seeing him speak again and would recommend him to any person or group that needs some true encouragement. This is no canned speech, like many others. He is uniquely professional and always prepared.

-Delphini’s Engineering

“Kenny is such a great communicator! He can be cheerful when that is needed. He can be serious when that is needed. No matter the mood or the topic, he is such an encouragement. He knows how short life can be and is really trying to use his God-given gifts to help others, often in such a fun way!”

-Emanuel Cancer Foundation


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