Your to-do list continues to grow.

You see that when you mark one item off your list two more get added.

And you feel no end to the madness in sight — at least until the event is over.

Imagine this:

Weeks prior to your event, you’re in planning and organization bliss.

You’ve got your event under control.

Your speakers are committed.

And you’re confident about the success of your event.

How do you transform a stressful undertaking into a manageable situation?

Tools, that’s how!

7 Event Planning Tools

As an event planner, every little task, responsibility, or stressor ought to be managed through some kind of tool, app, or person. If you’re doing the majority of the work for your event, you may be doing things the tough way. Consider adding these tools to your tool belt for increased efficiency:

#1. Evernote

A simple, downloadable app you can get directly on your phone and sync to your computer. For notes, saved docs, business cards, and more. Evernote saves everything in notebooks so that you can reference it later.

#2. Google Drive

Store your docs, sheets, presentations, and more all in one place. While Google Drive is not an official event planning and organization tool, it does well to keep your important information stored all in one place online.

#3. Pocket

A cool “save to read later” app, pocket provides you the ability to keep curious articles, docs, and more to read when you have down time — or scheduled a little self care through learning. What’s great, Pocket syncs directly with Evernote, so you can use these tools in tandem to get your reading saved for later.

#4. Hootsuite

Share and track your event progress on social platforms. One of the closest connections you have with your attendees at scale is online. Use Hootsuite to share on social and get engaged with your audience. They say 200 minds tend to be better than one when coming up with event ideas.

#5. Monday

No, not the day of the week. Instead, Monday is a visual project management tool. It allows you to customize the platform to get your in-house team or your many vendors on the same page.

#6. Zapier

Need to get one online platform connected to another? Can’t seem to figure out how to integrate one platform with another? Have no fear, Zapier is here! Zapier is a “connect it all” tool that helps you connect your apps and automate your workflows.


If your apps and devices aren’t all playing nice with one another, leverage IFTTT, an automation software that pairs apps, devices, and software so that they can work seamlessly together. As an event planner, you’re bound to run into issues that IFTTT can help resolve.


Now that you have some tools you can integrate into your event planning workflow, you can start to outsource, automate, or even remove processes, devices, and apps that you don’t need to plan your event to success. Here are those tools one more time:

  1. Evernote
  2. Google Drive
  3. Pocket
  4. Hootsuite
  5. Monday
  6. Zapier
  7. IFTTT

Do you know what you shouldn’t automate? Finding the proper speaker for your event. This process requires time, research, and conversations to get right. That’s why Platinum Speakers Agency is here to help. Take a look at our roster of speakers and find one that fits your event. Then, contact us to get your speaker booked.

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