Imagine contacting a speakers agency and discussing your next event with them.

You tell them the theme, message, location, and desired outcome.

And then the agency gives you a list of speakers they believe would be a grand fit for your event.

How do you choose between those speakers?

Continue reading this article to find out how to determine which speaker is the best based on their “speaker type.”

Speaker Types

Below, you will find 9 types of speakers that you can find out in the world ready to deliver for your event. Keep in mind that these types are only one dimension of an entire speaker, but knowing these types helps you quickly and easily determine if a speaker will be a good fit for your event or not.

#1. Inspirational

The most influential inspirational speakers reach directly into the hearts of the audience and plant the seeds of life lessons. Personal adversities, daunting odds, and defying expectations all fall in the inspirational category.

In short, an inspirational speaker is the person you turn to if you want your audience to believe, “if this person could survive/do it, then we can too.”

#2. Personality

Looking to infuse your audience with energy? The personality-based speaker is the right choice. These speakers draw the audience in with their unique energy and gains their trust simply by owning their presence on stage. The content of their speeches typically cannot be found anywhere else. And they make the audience feel like they are the only individuals in the room.

If you’re looking to energize your audience, the personality speaker is probably the best choice.

#3. Educational

Does your audience need to learn something new? Do they need a third party to present the company’s mission and direction for the next decade. The educational speaker may be the best option for you. They take complex concepts and break them down into easily digestible information. And they LOVE to teach. That energy will transfer into the audience and motivate them to take action.

#4. Business

Specific business topics can be beneficial to deliver to your audience. Finding and booking speakers who can do a deep dive into a given business topic are extremely valuable to those attending your event. Heck, you may even learn something from them, too.

The business speaker is one who has a deep knowledge of their topic, and they break it down into simplified, easy-to-understand concepts for your audience to consume. These speakers are great for conferences or events that have a large arch covering a broad industry. This speaker will attract a very specific audience to their stage.

#5. Experts/Gurus

Hyper-knowledgeable individuals are called experts or gurus. They have a deep knowledge of one given area or a handful that interconnect. Typically, the connections between two or three areas is where experts and gurus live. How does this type of person help your audience? Great question! They offer you a unique perspective into a set of ideas, concepts, topics, or otherwise that others typically don’t see or understand.

For example, the connection between psychology, marketing, and big data. The intersection between these three could deliver some unique perspectives and insights others have never gathered or presented.

The expert/guru speaker is a great for adding a unique spin or twist to your event or conference.

#6. Motivational

Enthusiasm. Growth. Emotion. These are the three big words that describe the motivational speaker. They derive their energy from personal stories that deliver a specific lesson to the audience. And, the great motivational speakers inspire action.

The motivational speaker is great for infusing your audience with energy and “can do” attitude.

#7. Humor

One of the quickest and easiest ways to connect with people? Humor. Getting people to laugh is a clear sign that your speaker understands them. They speak truth into the situations most people believe are unique in their lives. Utilizing humor to deliver lessons is a great way to crawl into the brains of the audience and plant the ideas, concepts, and information they need to take the next step forward.

The humorous speaker is great for events and conferences that need a boost in energy to keep things fun and entertaining.

#8. Celebrity

Any person who the majority of your audience already knows would be considered a celebrity. Now, this does include your big names in the industry. However, they don’t have to be globally or even nationally known to be “celebrity status.” In fact, if the speaker is known well enough in the industry to draw a crowd wherever they go, then they are a celebrity speaker.

The celebrity speaker is a great way to boost ticket sales and increase engagement, on top of their talk.

#9. Practitioner/Thought Leader

The practitioner and thought leader are typically seen as polar opposites. One practices in their industry and the other thinks about where their industry is going. However, these two have a lot in common. First, these two types think about their industry a lot. They work inside of it and they think about where it’s going. Second, these two types tend to read and consume information surrounding or even outside of their given industry. This means that they are consistently making connections.


These 9 speaker types will help you find the best speaker for your event. What’s more, there are speakers out there who have more than one type, too. It’s the beauty of humans. They can do a variety of different things. However, you can start with these 9 and tie them into what you need for your event or conference.

Here are the 9 types of speakers mentioned in this article:

  1. Inspirational
  2. Personality
  3. Educational
  4. Business
  5. Experts/Gurus
  6. Motivational
  7. Humor
  8. Celebrity
  9. Practitioner/Thought Leader

Now that you have more insight on the types of speakers out there, do you know which one you need for your next event or conference?

Check out our roster of speakers or give us a call for a pre-booking call. We’ll work with you to discover the type of speaker you want and if we have one that fits your needs.

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  1. It sure was nice when you said that you may consider an inspirational speaker if you want your audience to believe you. Also, this type of speaker could directly into the hearts of the audience. This would be a good idea for event organizers who need to hire a speaker that displays resiliency. I could imagine how hiring the right speaker would allow an event to be more memorable for their target audiences.

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