You’re planning an event for your company.

You need to connect with your workforce.

And you want to hire a speaker to motivate them.

But how do you track the return on investment for a speaker?

If you’re like most, return on investment is what hiring a speaker comes down to.

But speakers can provide more than an impact on your bottom line. They can provide first-hand experience, inspirational knowledge, and a spark of motivation to your workforce.

While you’re looking for a way to measure the ROI on a speaker, you should also consider how the speaker affects your workforce, because that’s what drives your profitability in the long run.

How your workforce responds to a speaker could mean the difference between a great quarter or a lackluster one.

And that’s why hiring a powerful leadership speaker to inspire and motivate your people could change the tides in your business.

5 Ways a Speaker Drives Profit for Your Company

#1. First-Hand Experience and Success

If your workforce hasn’t experienced the growth and success you want, a leadership or motivational speaker is a great place to start with that journey into the unknown, especially if that speaker has been through the experiences your workforce are about to face.

First-hand experience and success is the closest you can get your workforce to thinking and feeling about the future of your company without actually being there first.

For example, if you’re launching a new software product, and you want to motivate and inspire your workforce to embrace the change of the coming months, years, or decade, a speaker who has been through a similar experience can speak to them on various levels.

The mental, emotional, and physical challenges that lie ahead don’t sound worth addressing if being told about it. Instead, speakers imbue their presentations with stories that activate the imaginations of the audience. This is where first-hand experience and success gets transferred from the speaker to the audience. The speaker can share their story, weaving the lessons into the presentation.

#2. Put a New Spin on Company Goals

How many times have you or your executives told your workforce about quarterly goals and why they’re so important to hit?

If you’re like most companies, goals drive your work. It’s one way you measure performance of your people and your company. Goals are tied directly to your profitability.

But over the years, the same “goal” you expect your workforce to hit gets tedious and repetitive. While hitting these numbers pay for your people’s salaries, benefits, and livelihood, it can mean the world to them if you put a new spin on what can feel like monotony to the tenured workforce.

A speaker offers a new perspective on the old way of doing things.

Need to hit the same sales percentage numbers? Hire a speaker with a story about a death-defying encounter with sharks to get your point across about trusting the process.

Need your teams to hit their production numbers? Hire a speaker that can speak to the importance of packaging, shipping, and delivering much needed food and water to less-fortunate countries.

Need your team to refocus on their responsibilities?
Hire a speaker who spent time in war and got saved by a diligent, committed teammate in the wake of “just another outpost watch.”

You see, a new spin on the company goals can reinvigorate your workforce and give them a new perspective on what they’re doing.

#3. Maximize Efficiency and Teamwork

Misaligned objectives, goals, and focus can tear a company apart from the inside out fast. And you won’t see it until it’s too late. For most executives, they aren’t looking for internal combustion of their own company. They are focused on the market, competitors, and future.

A leadership speaker can help get your workforce back on track and refocused on a collective goal. A focused, team-based workforce makes faster progress, innovates more often, and, ultimately, becomes more profitable.

#4. Inspire Potential and Performance

Powerful leadership and motivational speakers inspire human potential. Profits plummet when your workforce loses meaning and engagement. That’s why hiring a speaker to come in and remind or refresh that meaning for your workforce offers, as mentioned above, a new perspective on the same long term goal.

A speaker can help paint a vision for your workforce that includes them in the greater success and impact of the company. This ties meaning directly to the people who work for you. And they take action on that meaning.

#5. Change Agents

Change is hard. It’s uncomfortable. And it takes a willingness from people to take a step into the unknown. Medium- to large-sized companies have a hard time changing direction or adapting to the market, not because they’re incapable, but because they have so many more people to change internally.

A great leadership and motivational speaker can be your change agent. A speaker with a few great stories on change can inspire and motivate your people to start moving in the proper direction, even if it is slightly uncomfortable at first. You want to give your workforce a reason to believe in the direction of their employer and then take ownership of it at their level. You get your people to take ownership of their stake in the company and profitability will follow the growth.


Profitability is the name of the game when it comes to business. If you’re not trying to turn a profit, you’re not in business. It’s a clear vision for some and a harsh truth for others. But it’s the truth of business. When you’re looking to hire a speaker, you may ask yourself what the ROI is on the investment. The best way to tie ROI to a speaker is to see how your workforce performs after you hire a speaker. A speaker brings a lot of intangibles that can affect organization, effectiveness, and performance. If you’re not consistently utilizing speakers, you may be missing out on a chunk of profit otherwise unattainable for you or your company.

Here are the ways a speaker help increase profitability in your company:

  1. First-Hand Experience and Success
  2. Put a New Spin on Company Goals
  3. Maximize Efficiency and Teamwork
  4. Inspire Potential and Performance
  5. Change Agents

If you’re looking to hire a speaker, let Platinum Speakers Agency know. We help book speakers with companies like yours so that you can lead and motivate your workforce to success. Take a look at our roster of speakers.

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  1. I like that you said that a leadership development keynote speaker can increase your business’s profit by helping its workforce refocus on their collective goal and learn how to work together efficiently. A few employees in the company I am working for have been resigning lately because of burnout and other company-related issues. Perhaps it would help our company if our boss hires a leadership speaker to motivate us to work and inspire us to reach our potential. Great article!

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