What does it take to become a great speaker?

There are millions of articles online that talk about how to become a great speaker…

…but how many of them actually share how to spot one?

After a moderate time searching, there aren’t too many.

So, we decided to write one that can help you at a glance identify a great speaker.

Keep reading to learn how…

Discover The Secrets of Great Speakers

Speakers don’t require a specific look, voice, tone, presence, or message.

Instead, speaking is one of the true “free markets” of entertainment in the world.

Similar to stand up comics, speakers can be anyone from anywhere talking about anything…

…if they have the following traits.

At least, these are what we’ve found make great speakers

#1. Confidence

If speakers are to inspire confidence in others, then they must have it themselves. And this isn’t arrogance or ego we’re talking about here. It’s a quiet self-confidence that carries its own weight. Confident speakers have nothing to prove nor do they allow others’ expectations to derail their path. They are internally driven to do good for the external.

How do you identify this in speakers? Watch them on stage. Watch them interact with others. Watch them by themselves. Do you get the feeling that they are confident? Do you see them living their message and mission? These are clear signs they are confident in themselves.

#2. Style

Earlier in this article, you read that great speakers don’t have to look a certain way…

…but they do tend to have their own style.

Their own style in clothes, approach, tone, voice, and presence.

They don’t follow any given technique or path due to their personalities being the driver for their connection with the audience.

This can manifest as a corporate suit with a hint of sarcasm.

It can also manifest as a relaxed midwesterner in jeans and a t-shirt that plays on their life stories as a kid.

The great speaker leverages their own life and personality to create opportunities for the audience to connect with them.

#3. Perspective

The audience tends to think that a speaker is great because of their attendance at the events.

In truth, the speaker is great because of their perspective attracting the audience to the stage. Similar to style, the perspective the speaker brings to the event. They have a different, unique, or new way of looking at things people have not heard or haven’t heard in a while. And this perspective is like a magnet for attention and curiosity.

The great speaker leverages their individual perspective to connect at scale with their audience.

#4. Stories

Typically, perspective is shown through stories. The speaker’s life lessons, childhood moments, professional lessons, and more all play into how they see the world. Stories are how they usually communicate these perspectives.

For example, a native Californian moves to New York for a new job. That transition is one a long journey, and two a potential culture shock. The perspective someone gains because of the stories they live through help support their talks on stage.

A great speaker tells stories that delivers perspective, lessons, and more to their audience.


Now that you know the 4 ways to identify a great speaker, it’s time to leverage the knowledge and book a speaker for your next event.

Here are the 4 traits one more time:

  • Confidence
  • Style
  • Perspective
  • Stories

When you need to book a speaker, remember that Platinum Speakers Agency is here to help. We have a roster of great speakers ready to inspire, motivate, and engage your audience.

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