If you plan, organize, or manage events for venues, corporate offices, or speakers, you want to leverage every avenue of awareness that you can.

The whole “build it and they will come” mentality doesn’t work well.

And it’s in your best interest to utilize every asset and person you have helping you with your event to get the message out that you’re holding an event.

So, with that being said, here’s how to promote your event through your speakers.

5 Tips on How to Leverage Your Speakers to Promote an Event

It’s important to understand that your speakers are not your marketing team. They are individuals you’ve hired to complete a job for you — to engage, educate, and elevate your attendees.

However, in the right context, time, and use, speakers can be another great avenue for creating awareness around your event.

Here are five tips to do just that:

#1. Hire the Right Speakers

It can be challenge in and of itself to find the best speakers for your events. In fact, it’s nearly impossible, but you get the job done anyway.

But if you can get the right speakers, you can negotiate with them to promote your event through their channels of influence to increase the chances of selling out the venue.

This leverage starts with hiring the right speakers — the speakers who are already known in your attendees’ industries, have influence online, and/or are willing to do promotional material with your marketing team.

While it’s not a deal breaker, speakers may not go for this, but it’s always a good idea to ask.

#2. Give Speakers Proportionate Space

In your ADs, promotional material, and more, give all your speakers proportional space. Highlighting one speaker over the others could cause some waves. However, it’s best to keep things simple and fair in this respect. Also, doing this helps set the proper expectations for the attendees. Setting all speakers as equal creates the expectation that your attendees don’t want to miss a single portion of your event. Highlighting one or two speakers creates the idea that those two speakers are the only two attendees should make time for.

Keep things even and fair and leverage big names to promote all the speakers.

#3. Create Speaker Specific Content

Content doesn’t just mean blogs and web pages. It also means audio, video, and more.

Get your speakers to write guest blogs, do promotional videos, and get interviewed on your event-specific podcast. This creates hours of content that your marketing team can then leverage on your website, across social, and through paid ADs.

Utilize your speakers’ unique personalities to draw in more people to the event.

#4. Amplify Your Event and Content Through Your Speakers

Social media is an awareness powerhouse. Posts can go viral in hours. While your event may not go viral, it can gain some traction if you get your speakers to share and post about your event on their own social channels or pages.

This can amplify awareness for your event and get more people considering tickets. And then when they see ADs with your speakers in them (you know, the content you created), they will surely consider going, if not buy tickets right then and there.

#5. Leverage Your Speakers’ Networks

Your speakers network. They have an entire network that they lean on. Ask them if they would be willing to let their networks know about your event. This is similar to utilizing social media, but it involves more word-of-mouth. Not every speaker will get on board with this, which is fine, but you want to at least ask. It’s just another avenue to create awareness around your event.


You want to create as many channels of awareness to get your event out into the world. A great way to do this is through the speakers that you hire. Here are the five takeaways from this article:

#1. Hire the Right Speakers
#2. Give Speakers Proportionate Space
#3. Create Speaker Specific Content
#4. Amplify Your Event and Content Through Your Speakers
#5. Leverage Your Speakers’ Networks

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