As you plan your next event, you probably want to hire a keynote speaker. You may need to find a speaker that fits your event, audience, and mission. And you’re in search of someone who can entertain, engage, and elevate your attendees.

This is no small feat, as you may know. There are hundreds of speakers out there that can deliver. But can you find the speaker that will deliver what you need to move your audience to action after your event?

At Platinum Speakers Agency, we partner speakers with event planners, executives, and more to entertain, educate, and elevate audiences all over the world. And in the process, we’ve come across questions that you should be asking your speakers before you sign them on for your event.

5 Questions to Ask Potential Speakers

Question #1. Does Your Keynote Fit The Audience?

While you may be looking for a marketing speaker, you may find that a speaker with a story about business would resonate more with your marketing audience. So, a speaker on leadership, innovation, inspiration, or otherwise could be your ticket to engagement. This is why it’s important to ask potential speakers how they think their keynotes fit your given audience.

Question #2. Do You Work With An Agency or Bureau?

Get to know your speakers and who they work with. A speaker who works with a bureau or agency may offer you more opportunities in regards to organization, scheduling, and flexibility. You definitely want to know who all is in the picture before you partner with a speaker for an event. This way, you can accommodate those involved, and those involved can accommodate you, too.

Question #3. Do You Provide/Create Content to Use Before/After the Event?

It’s great to find out if your potential speaker would be willing to create some promo content for your event. This can include videos, articles, photoshoots and more. It’s important to ask this question early so that you can prepare and plan your event accordingly.

Question #4. Do You Interact With the Audience Outside of Stage Time?

While Q&As are great, more time spent with the audience can be huge for engagement. Some speakers attend the networking event to talk with the audience. Others spend their 60 minutes on stage and that’s it. No one option is better than another. However, if the goal for your event is to get your audience to take action after your event, utilizing your potential speaker in such a way may facilitate that action more.

Question #5. What Are the Takeaways to Your Keynote?

Get the takeaways from the potential speaker’s keynotes so that you can better pair their speeches to your audience. You may want to ask the follow up if the speaker’s keynote can be molded to fit certain audiences. As mentioned above, you may be able to find a speaker outside your given industry that may fit your audience.


Now that you have 5 great questions to ask potential speakers before you sign them on, use them. Add to the list as you have conversations with agencies, bureaus, and speakers. Make sure you get the info you need to book the best keynote speaker for your event. Contact Platinum Speakers Agency today to discuss speakers that may fit your next event.

Here are the 5 questions again:

  1. Does Your Keynote Fit The Audience?
  2. Do You Work With An Agency or Bureau?
  3. Do You Provide/Create Content to Use Before/After the Event?
  4. Do You Interact With the Audience Outside of Stage Time?
  5. What Are the Takeaways to Your Keynote?

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