Why Hire A Speaker For Your Corporate Event

Corporate events, company retreats, graduation commencements, or banquets can benefit from a keynote speaker.

Your theme and message are present in the room, but a speaker can tie it all together.

While a speaker may be an “outsider” to your corporation, they bring the extra flair and external experience that will resonate with your workforce.

You may need to choose whether or not you want to find a speaker for your event.

Here’s why you should bring in a speaker.

5 Reasons to Hire a Keynote Speaker for Your Corporate Event

Not only will a speaker offer an engaging presentation, but they will offer your workforce a new perspective on what they may deem the same and mundane. We all have stories to tell, and a speaker can offer one your workforce probably hasn’t heard yet. This new perspective can enliven and energize your workforce.

#1. Energize or Shift Perspective

You’ve heard of the tortoise and the hare. The hare boasts about his speed to the other animals, challenging them to a race. The tortoise accepts the challenge, ignoring the hare’s condescending comments. Once the race starts, the hare gets so far ahead that he stops to take a nap and make a point that he’s so fast, he can win while sleeping. When the hare wakes, he realizes the tortoise has overtaken him and is about to cross the finish line.

This story is a classic; it’s also considered a cliche by some to never give up — and to remain humble.

But what if you viewed this story as a lesson to compete only with yourself and not to worry about others and their progress?

It’s a new perspective on an old story.

A speaker can deliver stories from their own lives and experiences to your audience so that they can see your theme and message through a different lens. While the tortoise and the hare is a classic fable, a new spin on it can deliver value and energy. Speakers can do this with their stories, too.

#2. Build Energy and Create Inspiration

You’re human. You’re wired for story. Whether you want to believe it or not, stories are what we as humans use to “survive” our reality. One benefit of a speaker is the energy they can bring to an audience. While utilizing story or personal experience, a speaker can energize a room in part because the speaker is great at delivering, but the audience can see themselves in the story the speaker is sharing.

When humans see possibility and potential, they want to believe in it. Great speakers can take this hope and turn it into action. They can inspire your audience to take what they have in their minds and make it a reality.

#3. Connect Community

In a corporation or large company, there are a number of departments that all function simultaneously to make the larger machine work. It’s like a car engine. No one part is more important than another. Take any active part in the engine out, and the whole stops working.

The same goes for your corporation. The workforce, while in separate departments, rely on one another to function properly. A great speaker will point this out and bring the departments together and connect them. They will find commonalities and differences that make it worth the connection. This is creating community.

#4. Breakthrough Thinking

Want to break your workforce out of stagnant thinking? A keynote speaker can help start the process. As mentioned in the other benefits above, a speaker can offer a new perspective, inspire action, and create community. With these three tools, an entire corporation can go from surviving to thriving. It’s time you gave your workforce some new thinking material so that they can advance their performance and help grow the company.

#5. Invest in Your Workforce

When you invest in a speaker, it shows that you are investing into your workforce. You may see a speaker as an expense, but your workforce see a speaker as an opportunity. Thoughts, techniques, processes, and more can be learned from a speaker otherwise not found in your corporation. Exposing your workforce to bigger and better ideas is a great way to engage innovation and provoke energized production.


Your workforce is the heartbeat of your corporation. Why not invest in them? Bringing a keynote speaker to an event, retreat, or banquet can be one of your many investments that has a positive ROI, not only in your workforce, but for the company, too.

Here are the 5 benefits of hiring a keynote speaker:

  1. Energize or Shift Perspective
  2. Build Energy and Create Inspiration
  3. Connect Community
  4. Breakthrough Thinking
  5. Invest in Your Workforce

Do you have an event coming up? Do you need a speaker for your event? Take a look at Platinum’s roster of top keynote speakers. We’re positive you will find a fantastic speaker for your event.


  1. That’s a really cool point that in a corporation, like a large machine, departments function simultaneously to make the larger machine work. My brother works for a company that’s celebrating their five-year mark and they want to improve their leadership. We’ll have to look into keynote trainings on leadership development.

    • We have some incredible leadership speakers that could be of service. Check out Jeff Havens, Matt Havens and Marques Ogden. Please let us know how we can assist.

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