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Leaders at our recent Talent Summit were encouraged by @HavensSpeaking to “Stop Acting Your Age”! To find out what he means, read our latest blog post:

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An Engaging, Hilarious, and Unique Keynote Speaker

These are just a few of the words that Matt uses to describe himself. Fortunately, others seem to agree.

For the past decade, Matt has worked in various leadership roles at a Fortune 50 company in areas as diverse as marketing, employee retention, and management.

As a result of this expertise, Matt has crafted multiple keynote presentations to address some of the most pressing issues businesses face today.

And if that’s where things stopped, Matt might be mistaken for just another keynote speaker in a world that’s full of keynote speakers. However, Matt also comes from a line of entertainers – his father and brother both worked for years as professional stand-up comedians – and humor runs in his blood. Matt has also managed to craft some of the most entertaining keynote addresses you’re ever going to hear.

The results are:

  • “Stop Acting Your Age! An Entertaining Keynote to Help You Avoid Generational Warfare”
  • “You’re Not an Acronym – A Practical Approach To Leadership”

Matt has quickly become a must-have for any event or conference where audiences want to learn something new while laughing at the same time. You’ll soon learn why one of Matt’s clients has called him “both the funniest and most informative speaker I have ever heard in my life.”



“Watching our conference attendees captivated and responding with loud bursts of laughter to Matt’s presentation on generational differences, I knew we had a successful launch to our 3 day conference. Thank you, Matt, for starting our conference with a great keynote!”

Diane, Executive VP, SILA

“I went into this session thinking I’ll need coffee to stay awake. None needed!”

“Our conference attendees are still talking about how great your keynote was! “Stop Acting Your Age! Was exactly what we needed to hear. The constant laughter in the room was awesome!”


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